Choosing Bedroom Flooring That’s Easiest To Fit

Choosing Bedroom Flooring That’s Easiest To Fit

The master bedroom should be relaxing and reflect who you are. You spend all night in your bedroom and even some of your day. It should be cosy and inviting. Flooring helps set the ambience in a room, making it your sanctuary. Here we will look at the seven most popular flooring options and decide which is the easiest flooring to put down in a bedroom. 

Laminate Flooring

The large variety of colours and designs is what makes laminate flooring so popular. It is also easy to clean and virtually stain resistant. It cleans up nicely with a broom or damp mop. Anyone can install this click and lock flooring that fits together like a puzzle. 

Good quality laminate wears well although it can get scratched if you drag furniture across the floor or your pets have long nails. Scratches are difficult to repair. Laminate does not harbour allergens. While it mimics solid wood flooring, it is not a good insulator. Laminate is a plastic-based flooring and is not recyclable. 

Solid Wood Flooring 

Solid wood flooring is beautiful and durable. It comes in various types of wood and stains. If you don’t like the colour or want to change the floor, you can sand and restain it. Solid wood floors are the most popular flooring choices, second only to carpeting. Solid floors are easy to maintain. Scratches and damage to solid wood floors can be sanded and stained. Solid wood is also an excellent insulator.

Solid wood flooring is more expensive than most based on the wood you choose and how large an area you want to cover. The great thing with solid wood, however, is that you can buy second-hand ones which you can refinish to give them a second lease of life.

Well-maintained solid wood flooring lasts the home’s life, making it a great buy. Solid wood is allergen resistant and eco-friendly as it is recyclable. In addition, a solid wood floor is one of the easiest floors to put down in a bedroom. 


Carpet is the best and most popular choice in bedroom flooring. It has innumerable colour choices and textures. It is a fantastic insulator, and nothing feels better on bare feet than soft plush carpeting. You can find carpeting to meet any budget, however, they do become more expensive as the quality increases. The padding adds more cushioning to the floor, and to your budget, but the luxurious feel of the carpet is worth its price.

Carpets can be difficult to maintain if you have small children and pets, but stain proof brands are now available. Unfortunately, carpet holds allergens and may not be a good choice for people with allergies. Carpets are not inherently eco-friendly as they can emit chemicals, especially when new. Carpets are not recyclable but they are very easy to lay  down in the bedroom. 

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has become quite popular in the last few years. Bamboo’s distinctive look is what has made it so popular. Despite being grass, it is similar to solid wood in its durability. In addition, bamboo’s upkeep is simple and quick.

Bamboo is a fair insulator and is allergen resistant. While not as easy to install as solid wood flooring, bamboo is relatively inexpensive. Not only is bamboo eco-friendly, but you can also recycle it. 

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring like bamboo has enjoyed popularity in the last couple of years. It offers a uniquely soft feel and is amazingly soundproof. In addition, cork floors are trouble-free, and cork is the perfect insulator. Cork is impenetrable to allergens and can last for 20 to 25 years when maintained well. Cork needs sealing to continue being water and stain proof, requiring more nurturing than other flooring options. 

Cork flooring can get quite expensive but DIYers can easily install it saving money on using fitters. Unfortunately, cork is susceptible to scratches, mostly from pets and furniture. In addition, the process used in making cork flooring is not environmentally friendly. Cork can be recycled, but a cycling center for it may not be easy to locate.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum was originally an environmentally-friendly choice for vinyl flooring. Manufacturers have made the linoleum process environmentally safe using natural materials and linseed oil. Linoleum is simple to maintain and highly durable. It is waterproof and allergen resistant. Linoleum is ideal for households with small children and pets.

Linoleum comes in tiles, sheets, and planks. It is one of the most reasonable flooring options. Installation can be done professionally or by yourself. Linoleum is allergen resistant, but it is not a good insulator, nor is it recyclable. 

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is an alternative to linoleum. It is waterproof and stain proof. Like linoleum, it is easy to maintain and lasts a long time. Scratching is a drawback to vinyl flooring, however, vinyl flooring’s resilience to pets, children and staining makes it a popular choice. 

Vinyl flooring offers a vast selection of colours, textures and patterns. Installation options include sheet, planks, and tiles. You can buy vinyl flooring at a reasonable cost depending on the style and quality. Despite the fact that you can’t recycle it, vinyl flooring is popular amongst homeowners for DIY projects as the click and lock systems are easy to install.

The choices offered in bedroom flooring have changed significantly in the last five years. Most people consider the needs of their family and how they will be using that space to make a decision. Nowadays,  many people are looking for more environmentally-friendly options. Whether choosing vinyl, solid wood flooring, or carpet, you should choose an option that’s budget-friendly and easy to maintain and install.

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