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Tips For Choosing Engineered Wood Flooring

Are you planning to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home? A key step in home renovation is the flooring selection, to ensure it complements your decor and reflects your style.

Whether you choose hardwood or engineered wood flooring, there are numerous options available in the market to choose from. Most people love the natural appeal of a real wood floor – but solid flooring can be very expensive and engineered wood is much more affordable solution.

In addition to price, engineered oak flooring has many other benefits over solid hardwood flooring. With a top layer of solid wood the appearance and texture is the same as a solid wood plank – but the multiple plywood sub-layers increases the durability and stability of the floor, making it a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers alike.

Tips for choosing ideal floorboards

Your flooring is a major feature of any space and will suffer most wear and tear on a daily basis, so you should always select the most premium quality engineered wood floorboards for your budget. Here we have rounded up a few tips to help you select the ideal flooring for your home.

Choose your Finish 

Engineered wood flooring is available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including matt or satin, finished with sealant or unfinished. We advise that you choose boards with a UV protection especially if you the room is sunny as prolonged exposure to the sun can cause the flooring to fade.

Choose your Grade 

The grade is the appearance and texture of the timber top layer. There are different options available to ensure your flooring suits your style. Rustic grade leaves in knots, streaks and other natural features, creating a more traditional look. For a more contemporary finish, there is Select grade where a lot of the imperfections of natural wood are removed or reduced. In addition, you can also purchase Distressed bards, with much deeper imperfections added in, to create a feeling of old, well-worn flooring for older buildings or design styles.  

Select the Perfect Size 

The size of the floorboards matters a lot and you should consider the length and width of the boards. Try to visualise your space – how your floor would look covered with the boards you selected? Smaller boards, narrow and shorter in length, can create a busy look which can be good to create a cosy feel. You can also purchase extra-long planks, really impactful in larger, open spaces such as hallways. 

Select the Thickness for Strength

Engineered wood flooring comes in a wide range of depths and both the real wood top layer and engineered base can differ between products. Generally speaking, the thicker the overall board the more durable and robust it will be.  A thicker top layer will also help maintain the appearance for longer.

Choose the Right Colour for Your Space

For a seamless finish, keep the same colour flow in every room of your home. Traditional oaks work really well to keep a feeling of continuity. For smaller spaces avoid darker shades as they can make the room feel dark and cluttered. Lighter flooring colours create rooms that are airy and spacious.  You can also buy unfinished flooring and stain it to your own colour to match any décor.

Choose your Installation Method

Again, there is choice on how the floorboards are fitted. Many now come with a click lock system, making it easy to install even for a DIY novice. Traditionally they also come as a glue down system, which is slightly trickier and you may find using a professional flooring installer is the right way to go. You will also need underlay and ensure you follow the manufacturer’s installation guide.

At One Step Beyond Flooring we offer an extensive range of premium engineered wood flooring to meet every style need at competitive prices. With the exclusive Bespoke Woodflooring range, there are 6 plank and herringbone styles available each in 46 colours, finished to order in their London factory. We also have a range of pre-finished engineered wood flooring available.
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