Caring for Wood, Vinyl and Laminate Flooring

While specific floor finishes may require different maintenance or cleaning products, generally most guidelines apply to the care of all engineered floors.

One Step Beyond supplies lacquered and UV-oiled wood flooring, click vinyl flooring and laminate flooring and the following information will help to preserve the finish of these products and prolong their life.

After Installation

  • It is recommended that you sweep with a soft broom and vacuum your floor immediately after installation to remove potentially damaging grit and debris.
  • If you have removed any transition strips/ door bars pieces and not replaced them with the flooring, they must be reinstalled immediately.

General Maintenance

  • Floor protector pads should be applied to the bottom of all furniture legs to help prevent scratching. These should be replaced periodically as they wear and accumulate grit with use and can damage the floor.
  • Always lift furniture rather than dragging it across your floor, which could cause permanent damage.
  • Door matting should be placed at all entrances points to help prevent trap grit and dirt and help absorb moisture before they have a chance to damage the flooring.
  • Please be aware that in some cases colour variation can occur where rugs are placed.
  • Never place rugs on any floor where there is underfloor heating as the flooring will change colour under the rug.
  • Customers should expect that all wood and laminate floors can shrink and expand with changes in humidity and heat, sometimes leaving small gaps between boards. The use of humidity control can help.
  • Always check around areas where there is potential for damp of spills such as washing machines, fridges, household plants etc.
  • Chairs with wheels can damage your floor with continuous use, especially on the joints. Please place the correct type of floor mat under any wheeled furniture.
  • Stiletto type footwear can make small indentations in your floor.
  • Keep pet nails trimmed, especially dogs, as they may damage the floor.
  • Toilet training accidents should be cleaned immediately. Do not keep litter boxes or food/water dishes directly on the flooring.
  • Bespoke Woodflooring UV oiled floors do not need the use of regular maintenance oil to be applied. We can however supply a maintenance oil for your flooring which will replenish and re-colour your floor. Please contact us for further information on this product.


  • Regular maintenance, such as vacuuming and sweeping, is beneficial, as a build up of dust and dirt could result in scratching and matting of the finish.
  • Regular cleaning with an approved pre-finished floor cleaner is recommended. Always use products that are suitable for your floors finish. We recommend
    • Floorservice Wood Floor Cleaner for our wood floor products
    • Unika Easy Shine Laminate Cleaner for our laminate flooring
  • Use a damp mop to clean the floor. Always use a flat headed mop where most of the water can be squeezed out prior to using. Never use too much water as this could damage your floor over long periods.
  • Do not buff, wax or use cleaning products that contain surfactants.
  • Never steam clean or use a steam mop on your new floor.
  • Never use Bona products on our wood flooring as we have found that this cleaning fluid can take the colour off your floor.
  • Never use harsh abrasive materials to clean your floor as these can leave permanent marks .
  • Never use products such as white spirit to get paint off your floor. Using a Stanley knife blade, gently try and get the paint off without scratching your floor. Use the floorservice cleaner to get the last remaining residue from your floor.