Engineered Vinyl Flooring, The Perfect Choice For Your Bathroom

Engineered Vinyl Flooring, The Perfect Choice For Your Bathroom

When selecting bathroom flooring these days the choice available is no longer just tiles or laminate. There is now a vast array of superior performance engineered vinyl flooring that gives you the look you want whilst being water resistant and durable. There’s nothing worse than putting in a wonderful floor only to replace it shortly after because of water damage.

Modern innovations in engineered vinyl such as those offered by Pro-Tek™ Engineered Vinyl collections, ensure that you have a cost effective and most importantly, water resistant floor, which can stand up to all the bathtub spills and water humidity thrown at it. This flooring is also a lot warmer underfoot than traditional tiled flooring.

Made from multiple layers, engineered vinyl, or click vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof and also incredibly stable, making it a perfect solution for wet and humid areas as they are resistant to peeling and warping. Just remember, modern engineered vinyl flooring is not the same as the sheet or tile vinyl of the 60s and 70s. Luxury vinyl flooring now comes in a wide range of designs and colours including marble, slate and travertine, as well as traditional wood effects, which add style to any room in your home. This sturdy product replicates all the luxuriousness of real wood flooring whilst being extremely resistant to moisture and it’s cheaper to boot.

The Pro-Tek™ range consists of 6 collections

Excel is our premium range, constructed from seven layers of premium materials including a WPC – wood plastic composite – core. Available in 2 collections – Classic and LongplankEditions has five layers with a SPC core, stone plastic composite, which has all the same benefits as WPC but more moderately priced. There are four Editions collections – ClassicHerringbone and Tiles.

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