Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

The last couple of years have been really tough for everyone. The pandemic has really changed our outlook on many things – our families, our friendships, our work and reassess what is important in our lives. It has also given us the opportunity to take time to restructure what we do and how we do it – things like dealing with our personal relationships and even our mental health. It’s important at times like these to take a few small steps every day to make even the tiniest improvements; what we eat for instance, or how we balance our work and family life, how we react under pressure and even, how we keep our home. 

Small changes do make a big difference and one way of making fresh starts and positive change is to declutter, reorganise and tidy up our homes. What is the adage; a tidy home equals a tidy mind? Helping declutter and refresh your home will have an impact on relieving some of the stresses brought on by the pandemic. University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics psychologist Shilagh Mirgain stresses how our home and work environment has an important influence on our sense of well-being which can often be overlooked. It has been two years of unsurity, insecurity and financial woes but it doesn’t have to stay like that. It’s time to start paving a new way and making positive changes, that can begin with your home.

As we have been spending more time at home during the last couple of years, our flooring will most likely be worn out and scruffy. Changing flooring can be a relatively cheap and easy way to completely transform your living spaces and the options and choices in terms of materials and colours are endless.  

One versatile flooring material becoming increasingly popular is engineered vinyl, or click-vinyl. This on trend flooring comes in a myriad of design options closely matching real wood or stone and is both quick to install and super easy to maintain. 

One Step Beyond Flooring has a great range of Pro-Tek™ engineered vinyl flooring, a leading brand that offers innovative, high quality click vinyl flooring at incredibly competitive prices. 

There are two ranges with a complete set of matching accessories across five profiles, offering a complete design solution for every flooring project. The Pro-Tek™ Excel range has seven layers of premium materials, making it the thickest vinyl board on the market. Pro-Tek™ Editions has five layers, offering all the same benefits as the Excel but at a lower cost.

Across both ranges there are six collections which are ideal for both residential and commercial spaces and come in a wide choice of natural and stylish finishes, with 64 options in total:

  • Excel Classic: 18 wood design planks with a natural texture for additional authenticity. 100% waterproof and extremely durable with WPC core
  • Excel Longplank: 10 wood plank designs in a wider and longer board size that have the natural texture of real wood with the benefits of WPC core
  • Editions Classic: A collection of 12 contemporary designs and colours including shades of grey, white and oak 
  • Editions Herringbone: Stunning herringbone patterns from these smaller Pro-Tek  Editions boards, with a choice of 12 contemporary and classic colours
  • Editions TilesEight Pro-Tek k Editions tile designs that come in marble, slate and travertine with a natural texture
  • Editions EssentialFour of the most popular styles and colours available at the lowest price, a great bargain!

Take some time this season to go through your home and see where small changes can make a big difference.
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