Trends in Grey and White Herringbone Engineered Wood Flooring

Trends in Grey and White Herringbone Engineered Wood Flooring

There is a growing trend for the strong use of monochrome colours in interior design. Black and white have always been a really classical style statement when it comes to designing homes. But recently, more and more designers and homeowners are using a wide variety of shades of grey to add another dimension to the traditional monochromes. With such a spectrum of greys to choose from, they can both complement, and sometimes also act as stark opposite to, the blacks and whites. This versatility has made grey a really contemporary option.

Whether it’s curtains, walls, rugs or bedding, adding elements of grey to your home immediately modernises your interior  But white is still also a very popular, trending colour and often using both will give you an even more stylish room.

Current flooring trends

When it comes to flooring there are two things trending currently. Not only the colours, but also herringbone boards. So specifically, white herringbone engineered wood flooring and grey herringbone engineered wood flooring. But what is herringbone flooring? Herringbone wood flooring comes in smaller blocks than planks and is laid in a way to create a stunning zig-zag pattern. The ends of the blocks are laid at a 90O overlapping angle, creating the zig-zag effect.  

Herringbone is the most popular form of parquet flooring – a classic flooring style dating back to the 1600s. Traditionally the blocks were made of solid wood and a variety of different styles and patterns were created, of which herringbone was the most common. Nowadays the blocks are also available in engineered wood, click vinyl and even laminate, and herringbone is a current fashion statement for both contemporary and traditional interiors.

In particular, herringbone engineered wood flooring is particularly popular, with the style of a solid wood floor coupled with the practicality of an engineered board – more hardwearing, easy to fit and lower cost. Available in a wide range of colours including natural wood tones, the white and grey colours are increasingly becoming the best sellers 

White and light greys: Bright yet light

One of the real advantages of the lighter shades or white and the paler grey is that they can create a feeling of space to even the smallest of rooms and add a brightness to even the gloomiest of spaces. They are neutral colours as well, making them easy to match with any colour schemes and furniture, so offering a great flexibility for the longer term.

Within the herringbone boards there is a great variety of shading and tones, creating stunning effects when put together as a floor and really creating that wow factor.

Why herringbone engineered wood flooring?

As we have already discussed, herringbone boards naturally generate strikingly beautiful floors due to the smaller size, spectrum of tones and laying pattern. But with all the options available, why is engineered oak flooring so popular? 

 With a real wood top layer this is the closest alternative to solid wood in terms of appearance, texture and styling of all the engineered flooring materials. As well as being much more affordable than solid wood, the engineered base construction is multi-layered, giving it additional strength and durability. In addition, it is much better at withstanding fluctuations in temperature and humidity than solid wood flooring.

Update your style

Herringbone engineered wood flooring is easy to install and suitable for a wide range of different spaces – including living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, playrooms or studies. It is also a perfect flooring for commercial offices and other interiors such as hotels and shops. Choosing from the wide range of white and grey herringbone options will ensure your design is on trend, whether you are looking for a contemporary or more traditional style. 

We have two herringbone board styles in our exclusive Bespoke Woodflooring range, available in a choice of 46 colours finished to order.

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