The Best Laminate Flooring Styles

Laminate wood flooring has fast become a credible rival for real hard wood floors. Thanks to technological advancements in the industry, even the beadiest eyes might struggle to tell the difference between the two. Oak laminate flooring not only beautifully mimics the look of real wood flooring, it rivals its durability too. 

With a wide range of contemporary styles on the market, its easy installation and low maintenance, wood laminate flooring is the go to for many home DIY enthusiasts and interior designers alike. Laminate flooring is also extremely popular in commercial settings, with it being easy to clean and hard-wearing. 

Here we go into a little more detail about the advantages of laminate flooring, and reveal the best styles available in the business. 

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring gets it’s name from the manufacturing process. It is developed by laminating a photo of a flooring image on to a wood base board layer. This is then topped with a transparent protective layer, protecting the flooring from dents and scratches from everyday wear. It is super easy and quick to install with a click lock system meaning no glue or nailing is required.

Being water-resistant allows laminate flooring to be a great option for kitchens, cloakrooms and conservatory’s where spillages and humidity might be more likely to occur. 

As a pocket friendly alternative to solid wood flooring it’s easy to understand oak laminate flooring’s  rise in popularity over the past couple of decades.  

With the extensive styling options for laminate flooring, we’ve narrowed down the best styles available for your convenience. 

Light Tone Wood Texture

Light toned wood laminate is what you might naturally think of when thinking of laminate flooring. It was the most popular style used when laminate flooring first began being used in the home. However, white-washed wood texture styles are more contemporary and elegant look. A easy way to brighten up a room and create the illusion of more space and grandeur. 

Grey is the new white in interior design, with more and more people opting for grey walls, accessories and furniture. Of course, this trend has extended to flooring too. Adding to the contemporary feel of the white-washed wood, grey laminate flooring can add more warmth, depth and offers a neutral foundation for your decor. Grey beautifully compliments multiple other colours and tones. 

Any light-coloured wood laminate flooring styles will lend to small spaces, creating a more light and spacious feel. 

Herringbone laminate flooring

Herringbone is a timeless style which is solidly in the mainstream designer’s eye. A sure way to add a quality, classic feel to your interior. Herringbone easily creates interest and movement in the space. Although more effective for larger spaces, it can also be impressive in smaller rooms. 

The pattern of herringbone doesn’t just look good. The structure of the pattern provides an additional element of structural stability too. 

Rustic & realistic wood finish

Generally speaking, wood laminate flooring ranges in price depending how realistic its finish is. Natural wood has texture, knots and ridges and there are now options on the market for oak laminate flooring and all its benefits along with a rustic & realistic wood finish. 

Distressed and embossed laminate flooring mimics the colour and texture variation more authentically, capturing the warmth and naturalness of wood within the home, at a fraction of the cost of solid wood flooring.

With laminate wood flooring, you can have your cake and eat it! It provides the option to achieve quality and functionality. With its detailed finishes, beautifully mimicking real wood, there is no need to compromise on the longevity of your flooring. It is cost effective, easy to install, clean, and maintain. What’s not to love?

With a huge range of laminate flooring styles available, get creative and transform your space.

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