Accessories to Complete your Laminate Flooring Project

Accessories to Complete your Laminate Flooring Project

Now you’ve decided that laminate wood flooring is the right solution for you, what else do you need to complete your project and give your space that professional finish? There are so many laminate flooring accessories and ancillaries and you won’t need all of them, so here is a guide to hep you select your products.

Flooring Accessories

These are the trims and extras that complete your installation, including door bars, scotia, nosings and rose covers. They are used to cover gaps between different flooring in different rooms or to hide expansion gaps around the edge of the flooring. It is essential to always leave gaps when installing laminate flooring as there will be some movement with fluctuations in temperature and humidity – but they are unsightly if not covered properly.

You should be able to find an exact match to the laminate flooring you have chosen in terms of colour and finish, although some people also like to use contrasting colours to create a different visual style.

Door Bars

A door bar is used to create a seamless transition from one room to another, or one flooring type to another. They can also be used to cover expansion gaps against fixed objects, such as fireplaces. It is a solid strip and there are several profiles available – this relates to the shape of the bar which needs to be used depending on the flooring either side of the space. Examples include;

  • T-Bar – to bridge a space where the flooring on both sides is the same material or depth, but where you may want to create a visual break or use different colours of flooring, for example.
  • Ramp Bar – to cover a transition between flooring of different heights.
  • End Bar – to cover expansion gaps against fixed objects such as kitchen cupboards, fireplace hearths or patio doors.


This is a wider strip of laminate designed to provide an edge to stair treads to cover the joins between the flooring on the risers and treads.


Scotia beading is a smaller L shaped bar that is used to cover the expansion gap left between the wall and the flooring after it’s been installed.

Rose Cover

Pipe rose covers are used to cover where a pipe comes through the laminate oak flooring, for example for a radiator. They are easy to install, you just slide it around the pipe or click into its place, depending on which type you are buying.

Flooring Ancillaries

In addition to the accessories which complete a project by improving the appearance of the overall flooring, there are also the ancillary products. These are those added extras you need when installing laminate flooring to maximise performance.


It is not always essential to use underlay when installing laminate flooring. It really depends on the quality and fabric of the sub-floor and you should always follow the guidance from the manufacturer of the flooring you have bought or consult a professional.

If you are laying laminate wood flooring on concrete base though underlay is normally recommended to improve cushioning, warmth, and noise insulation. You should choose one with a damp proof membrane layer built in to eliminate any issues from moisture.

Damp Proof Membrane

When installing a laminate floor on a concrete base the use of a damp proof membrane (DPM) is always recommended. No matter how dry your floor feels it will always contain damp, which can be drawn to the boards if not treated, causing cupping, lifting and general damage to the floor. If you are also using an underlay you can chose one with this built in, but there are also specific DPM products available to pre-treat the sub-floor.


There are many flooring adhesives on the market but these are not normally needed for laminate flooring, which has a simple click lock mechanism making it easy for even an unskilled DIY enthusiast to install.


Although laminate flooring is extremely robust and hardwearing, you should take care to keep the surface clean and avoid using harsh abrasives. There are cleaning products especially designed for laminate to prolong the quality of the flooring surface.

At One Step Beyond we offer a complete flooring solution, with a full range of accessories to match the laminate flooring you choose plus all the ancillary products you will need – a true one stop shop for your project! To find out more please call 020 3697 6812 , or email

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