When you are installing a wood floor don’t forget to purchase the accessories that add the professional finishing touch to your project.

Often overlooked, these can make all the difference to the overall appearance and also performance of your new floor. Most people remember to consider underlays, scotia door bars or threshold strips, but the product that most people miss is radiator pipe covers.

If you are purchasing Bespoke Woodflooring, it is advised to buy all the additional materials you at the same time as the planks to ensure the best colour match, as all accessories will be finished on the same production run and this will minimise any fluctuations in the colour of the oils used through the process.

Expansion Gaps Around Pipes

When you lay your flooring, you will need to allow an expansion gap against any fixed object, including radiator pipes. This gap should be around 5mm to allow for any expansion and shrinkage due to fluctiations in temperature and humidity. If there is no gap left you risk the flooring damaging the pipe and potentially creating a leak, which you obviously want to avoid.

The hole you will need to make in the board also needs a V-shaped cut on the edge that will join the wall, enabling you to slide the panel towards the wall without hitting the pipe. Keep the actual V-shape piece which you can then place behind the pipe to cover this gap. However, it will always be slightly smaller than the space it was cut from, depending on the size of the blade used, and this can be unsightly.

Therefore pipe roses or radiator pipe covers are the ideal solution to hide both the expansion gap around the pipe and also the replacement piece that hides the gap from the pipe to the skirting board.

Once the plank is in place, we recommend that you use the correct silicone sealant to fill the gap around the pipes making sure that the silicone is level with the plank and leaving it to dry for at least 48 hours. This will provide a flat surface to fix the pipe roses in place. 

Types of Radiator Pipe Rose Covers

Radiator pipe roses come in various styles, colours and materials. However, to get a really professional and natural finish we would always recommend finding one that matches your flooring and other accessories, such as transition bars or scotia, completely.

At One Step Beyond Flooring we manufacture solid oak pipe roses and finish them to order to match our Bespoke Woodflooring range, in 45 colours plus an unfinished option. They come as a pack of 2.

These pipe roses are circular with a 17mm hole drilled out which is a standard UK water pipe size. To get the rings to fit around the pipes they are laser cut into two halves with a jigsaw joint to stop them from coming apart. You carefully pull these apart, fit them into position and then put them back together again, so incredibly easy to install.

So when selecting your flooring, remember to add pipe rose covers to your order.
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