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Maximising the Lifetime of your Flooring

There are so many options of flooring available on the market, how do you narrow your selection to choose the one that is right for you? One major consideration may be how hardwearing the flooring is.
For example, if you are using in a busy family home with children and pets, maybe in the kitchen, living area or hallway, you want to be sure that the product you select will continue to look good beyond installation – after all, it’s an investment in both money and time.

Likewise in commercial settings – hospitality, hotels, shops, offices – there is likely to be regular footfall and the use of outdoor footwear, subjecting the floor to constant exposure to dirt and water.

This is one of the main reasons why all types of engineered flooring have become so popular – laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring and luxury click vinyl flooring are all quite robust and can continue to look good for many years.

However, even if you have narrowed down your choice of flooring material, there are a few other considerations which may affect the lifetime of your engineered wood floor. Every brand and manufacturer will have products with different specifications, so ensure you check the detail.

Wear Layer

Choose a product with a built-in protective UV film, especially in bright areas near doors and windows to avoid the colour fading. The thicker the wear layer the better as well as it all adds to the overall structure and stability of the boards.

Overall Thickness

The depth of the boards can differ hugely – both within different brands using the same materials and also between different categories of flooring. Generally speaking, the deeper the board the more stable and robust it will be.

Floor Preparation

Preparation of the sub-floor is important in ensuring the flooring is laid correctly and you should always follow the manufacturers instructions. Some products, such as click vinyl engineered boards, can be laid over existing flooring, but you should still make sure the base itself is flat and stable. In addition, some flooring has an underlay built-in, others you will need to use a separate underlay. Some may need gluing down; others use a click lock mechanism for installation. Again, always check with the manufacturer’s instructions and purchase the right preparation products for that flooring. Cutting corners on preparation will reduce the lifetime of the flooring, plus it is also likely to void any warranty.


Always acclimatise new flooring in the room it will be installed in before fitting, to allow it to react to the temperature and humidity. There will be a guide as well to the extremes of environment that it can be used it and you should check the space does not exceed these levels.

Suitability for the Space

It may sound obvious, but not all types of engineered flooring is suitable for use in every area. In particular, only certain brands of click vinyl engineered flooring offer 100% waterproof benefits, such as Pro-TekTM which we stock here at OSB. Laminates may offer some level of protection against water spills, but not to the same level and are not as good a choice for particular wet areas such as bathrooms.


Look for a product with an extended warranty period as that will be a reassuring sign that the flooring will be long lasting and has been tested against a wide variety of parameters. Not many manufacturers will give you a long warranty if their product isn’t up to it!

Pro-TekTM engineered vinyl flooring offers an amazing Lifetime warranty for all domestic installations and the premium Excel collections offer a 30 year commercial warranty, more than any of the competitors for vinyl flooring.

Cleaning & Maintenance

In addition to the flooring specification, you should take care to avoid scratching the surface by brushing regularly and cleaning with a specialist floor cleaner. Wipe up spills as they happen and replace any damaged or chipped boards if heavy objects cause any damage. Keeping pet claws trimmed can also be a good idea!

Check out our information section for details of preparation, installation and maintenance for the different engineered flooring available at One Step Beyond Flooring as this may help you narrow your choice.

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