Bespoke Herringbone Wood Flooring Trends

If you are considering a fresh look for your home this summer, new flooring is a great way to instantly transform any space. Especially if you choose a bespoke herringbone flooring pattern, which creates instant visual impact.

A stunning floor sets the baseline for your interior design and should effortlessly blend in with your colour scheme, whilst being hardwearing and durable. Herringbone flooring ticks all these boxes, whether you want to create a contemporary look or prefer the more traditional, rustic feel. The smaller boards and installation design enhances the structural strength of the floor, making it a great choice for larger spaces or areas with frequent footfall, such as living rooms and hallways.

Modern day herringbone engineered wood flooring comes in a wide range of sizes, colours and installation methods, making it easier to find the right style for your home. Larger boards are becoming increasingly popular and also different tones and colours. The grain of the wood naturally lends a range of colour to each board, ensuring that no two floors ever look the same.

Lighter Colour Palette Creates Interest

Lighter colours have become favourites of interior designers. They are ideal for designing modern settings as they create a cohesive space by bringing distinctive elements together. Light tones also ensure that your rooms look spacious. In addition, there is often more variety in the depth of the colour and pattern on these boards, creating additional interest.

Snow herringbone engineered wood floorboard from the Bespoke Woodflooring range is our top choice to create luxurious interiors. It comes with rustic grade brush and UV oiled finish.

The next one on our list in lighter tones is Platinum Herringbone. You can also select Sand, Satin, Pebble or Shale options.

We recommend that when you finalise floorboards, buy matching floor accessories at the same time. At One Step Beyond Flooring, we have an extensive range of quality products, all finished to order at the same time as the flooring.

Darker shades create Drama

Darker shades of floorboards help in creating a more traditional feel – but can also add real drama and impact to more contemporary interiors. 

Carbon, Bark, Mocha, Nordic and Black Olive are our picks in darker floorboards.

Natural Colour Palettes for Timeless Appeal

More natural wood shades are always a classic choice for that natural feel and style. Oak herringbone engineered wood flooring comes in a wide range of shades and will always match any interior. Remember, the top layer of the flooring is real wood, so the look and feel is the same as with solid wood flooring.

Chestnut, Coyote, Saffron, Shadow and Smoked are our picks from the Bespoke Woodflooring collection if you are looking for natural oak wood tones.

There are also other, darker wood shades in the range, such as Mahogany, Mocha and Coffee.

Bold Colours for Impact

Reds, such as Carmine in the Bespoke Woodflooring range, creates a unique statement to complement more impactful styles. In addition, you can also use unfinished herringbone engineered wood flooring and stain any colour you wish to match your design palette.

Boards Size for Design Statements

Bespoke herringbone flooring can come in different size boards and also with different installation fittings. Larger individual boards create a more spacious feel and take less time to install, if that is a consideration. 

Smaller boards will results in a tighter herringbone pattern which may make a rom feel more cosy and also display more variety in tone and grain.

Both are laid with the ends overlapping to create a zig zag pattern, once reserved only for stately homes but now used as a style statement in all settings.

Click lock fittings are becoming more popular as the installation method, eliminating the need for nailing or gluing down the boards and reducing the amount of sub floor preparation needed.  

The Bespoke Woodflooring range, available exclusively from One Step Beyond Flooring, has two types of herringbone board in the range, each with a choice of 46 colours, finished to order in our London factory, using high quality UV oils. In addition, there is a full range of flooring accessories to complete your project, all colour matched with the same oils.

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